for your enjoyment

on tuesday during p.e. time we couldn't use the gym, so i told my kinders that it was their lucky ducky day because we were going to have p.e. on the playground. (yes, i was being a lazy teacher and didn't want to plan an organized outdoor activity.) after i assured them that they could play in the sandbox, james raised his hand.

"yes, james."
"you are a genius teacher."


kindergarten writing is quite entertaining. it takes great skill to decipher their writing... for you amateurs I will translate.

from london, who doesn't quite pronounce her "r's":

translation: i love you wile (really) much. your (you're) ur (our) bs (best) techr (teacher) evr (ever)

and finally... this one takes the cake.

we are writing i like me books for our super literacy day. sophie provided us with this little gem.

apparently she likes her boos!

translation: i like my fingernails because they are hot pink nails and i like my bows.


mellow yellow

Here are the latest Spring purchases...

As my kindergarteners would tell you, yellow is my favorite color (favorite colors are important in kindergarten). I am quite satisfied with the sunshine-y, spring-y quality of my newest acquisitions.  Let's hope it decides to be spring in Utah at some point. I was greeted by a fresh coat of powdery whiteness on my car when I left for work today.  C'mon, doesn't the saying go "April showers" not "April blizzards"?  (Blizzards clearly does not rhyme with flowers.) 

For now, I suppose I will just look dumb carrying around the yellow purse in the snow!