Caroline...one of the many reasons that I love you!

Check it out!

Presenting # 127!

So here are the pictures you have all been waiting for. (The fantastic arm chair isn't scheduled for delivery until next month.)

Here is the fun drawer pull that Caroline and I found at Anthropologie:

Kate and I LOVE our place. It has been so much fun to decorate the apartment!
The BEST thing is my walk in closet!!! Am I lucky or what? Reason #3276...why we don't miss Provo!

Caroline+Newport Beach + Wicked=Fun

This past weekend Caroline came to stay with me. She flew in Thursday night and left on Monday morning. I worked extra hours all week so I could have Friday off. We ate yummy food, went shopping at Fashion Island (Anthropologie of course), hung pictures at the apartment, baked cookies and muffins, and went to WICKED!

On Saturday we drove up to L.A. to go see Wicked. It was at the Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. We parked, walked to will call to get our tickets, and then wandered up and down the street looking for a bite to eat. At Caroline's recommendation, we grabbed a bite "at the first non-shady place we found." We actually had a tasty lunch at a Mexican restaurant and hurried back down the street to meet Jen and grab our seats before the show.

We had awesome seats... I loved every minute! My favorite new song is As Long As Your Mine! Much to Kate's great joy, Caroline and I were belting Wicked at the top of our lungs for the rest of the weekend!


Yay! Jen was in town!