turkey, stuffing, and pie... oh my!

This year for Thanksgiving we had dinner at my Aunt Mary and Uncle Gordy's home. They have 5 kids... Charlotte, their youngest, provided us with some good entertainment! She couldn't remember my daddy's name so she would say, "Uncle (long pause) Uncle." So yes my daddy was dubbed "Uncle Uncle" by Charlotte.  Grandma and Grandpa Kunz were there too. 

I just love the holidays! 
01. everything is so cozy
02. being with family
03. the spirit the holidays bring
04. delicious holiday food
05. decorations

Good food and good times! Until next year...

Mom and Lucy

Mom and Daddy

Charlotte and her Thanksgiving pie goodness

Lucy, Caroline, and Annabelle

Me and Charlotte



Miss Kunz's Kindergarten Friends

Yes you read it right... I am going to teach kindergarten... in Utah! I will be teaching at the elementary school I student taught at, in the classroom I student taught in, and I will be sharing a contract with the teacher who mentored me! It will be a change to go from first grade to kindergarten, but I am so excited.  I will teach full time during Emily's maternity leave and then I will be teaching afternoon kindergarten from February on.  Of course come fall I will need to have a full time position, but for the next few months this is just the perfect opportunity. 

I learned so much about myself during my Newport Beach adventure--most of all that I find my greatest satisfaction in teaching and that there is no place like home.  So on Saturday I will be clicking the heels of my ruby slippers together and heading back to Utah...just in time for winter I might add! The few months I have lived out here have been a great chapter in my life and something I will always be glad that I did!

I will miss Kate, my cousins, and the new friends I made here, but I can't wait to get back to the beautiful mountains, my adorable 5 year olds, and my family and friends in Utah!

This is how my darling six year old cousin Julia feels about my decision:

I promised to mail her some Junie B. Jones books and now it seems that we are on good terms again! I love you Julia! x o x o




My mom just got Christian's flight plans in the mail today!!! He is arriving at Salt Lake City International Airport on Friday, February 6th at 3:55pm!!! Wahoo!

P.S. I have another fabulous announcement... but not enough time to spill the beans... so I will just give you a hint.. (hint: Miss Kunz)

P.P.S. I hope the suspense doesn't stress anyone out!


Elder Kunzie...


(still up to his usual stunts)
This is a shout out to our very own missionary who...... will be home in 3 months!!! Can you believe it?? We are oh so excited!  The first week of February our Japanese Elder comes back to us!!!  I love you Christian!!! We know Japan will miss him, as he has been an incredible missionary bringing joy to the lives of others by sharing the gospel!  


Life as I know it...

I wear...

I love...
I drink...

I feel...