The Over-packers Among Us

So tonight we leave for Tahiti!  I am so excited!  We are off to live a life of luxury on the Regent  Cruise Ship for a week!  (Yes, I will be laying by the pool and the beach and visiting the spa.) We fly into LA tonight and then fly all night to Tahiti.  We land there at about 5:00 AM.  Let's hope I can somehow sleep on the plane.  My friend Nyquil will be coming along!  

So I am a self -admitted compulsive over-packer; however, if necessary I can pack rather efficiently.  For Tahiti, I ditched the small suitcase because I figure I am taking the suitcase onto the ship and that is that.  We are not trucking it all over, staying in lots of hotels and cities like when we went to Europe or to China.  So yes I am taking 4 pairs of flips flops and 4 pairs of other shoes.  I am bringing 4 swimsuits and about 10 pairs of earrings.

I did make some cuts, like I will not be bring along my entire MAC make up collection...16 or so eye shadow colors may be a tad ridiculous to cart around...so perhaps I'll go with 4 or 5. And my shampoo is travel sized...look at me go!  I will post pictures when I return!  

Bon Voyage!



I am so excited about the warm sunny weather.  My mom and I went shopping at Gateway today and Spring is definitely in the air.  I purchased a few clothing items for Tahiti!  Can someone please tell me why I like  J Crew so much?

My other new purchase: a 32 GB iPod touch.  David got one, so naturally I need one too...just kidding.  Actually my daddy said if I was going to make an iPod purchase I might as well go all the way and just get this one.  As soon as my laptop finishes updating its version of iTunes, I will be in business!  I am really excited about the new acquisition.  I do have an original...yes an original... mini that is lime green and adorable, but it was time to move out the iPod stone age and upgrade.

P.S. My back is improving every day! Tomorrow is my 4th and final physical therapist appointment.  Can I just say that I am a believer in physical therapists!  


Hip, Hip, Hooray!

...the dang books are finished!  Though nothing academic was accomplished today, we have 26 books ready to go.  (well almost 4 still need to be finished up tomorrow).  I have 1 1/2 more days until we track off!  Hooray!

In other news, my back is feeling much better today....not 100%, but better than yesterday.  Hooray!

Grey's Anatomy...oh how I love it!  Kate and I sat around reading quotes today.  We couldn't stop laughing.  In this moment I am on my bed...me with my laptop and Kate with her's ... watching Grey's Season 1.... Hooray!

And last but not least...another hooray: I purchased an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  I LOVE  the frosting part...I would!  


"Don't step on a crack or you'll break your teacher's back!"

So this is not Rebecca.  At the moment Rebecca is on the floor unable to move because of severe back pain. The poor girl moves like an old women, her body's failing her at 22.  She can't even sit up to blog,(that's pretty serious, seeing how obsessed she's become with this) so she is telling me things which I ought to write.  So earlier Rebecca was lying on the floor and David, our dear sweet brother David comes and farts in her face, sadly Rebecca couldn't move away from the smell fast enough and was crying (no not from the stench) because of her back pain.  David now has a new nickname: "little poo".  
On to other news, Rebecca will be moving out of her apartment in Provo this week.  Wait let me clarify, Rebecca's family will be moving her out of her apartment in Provo this week.  However, we don't mind so much this time seeing as Rebecca isn't going to be much help to us anyway.
Well, those of you who read this should wish Rebecca well- as she still has three more days of school to endure until Easter break.


first grade funnies...

So today I had a little boy raising his hand for quite a while when we were sitting at the carpet.  I eventually called on him and he said, "I burped a minute ago and I just needed to say excuse me."  I thanked him for his good manners and tried not to laugh too hard!  

At the Meet the Masters Art assembly today, my friends were learning about a particular Mexican artist...Frieda Cahlo I believe...anyway in one of her self portraits she has a really intense eyebrow.  The parent volunteer in charge of the assembly put up the slide of this painting and asked what they noticed.  A first grader raised his hand and said, "She has a uni-brow."  Good times!

So enough blogging about first grade...new topic!  SPRING!  I can hardly wait..I hope warm weather is just around the bend! I enjoy the amazing spring weather and I look forward to being able to drive with my sunroof open with out having to blast the heat...  not to mention adding a few new spring pieces to the wardrobe. ;)