teddy bear picnic

on friday the firsties enjoyed a teddy bear picnic complete with hot chocolate and doughnuts. as part of the fun day, we wore pjs (yes beauty of all beauties i got to wear pjs to work) and brought our teddy bears.

you will notice katie, amy, amber and i are wearing matching jammies. katie and i were on a little shopping excursion in early december and saw all the jams lined up at old navy. we decided we needed matching pajamas but we weren't sure when we would ever see each other in pjs. we had a moment of sheer brilliance when we realized that teddy bear picnic day was coming up and matching pjs were definitely something we needed. naturally we picked some up for amy too!

i have the best team ever! they make work so much fun!

eagle scout

david was presented with his eagle scout award on wednesday night. the sibs and i, along with zach and brianna, drove up to support him. we ate some yummy jav's after. congrats david!

(sidenote: please disregard my gross hair)


fancy nancy

Katie, Amber, Amy, Me, Katie (aka fancy nancies)

today we had our halloween festivities at school. we had a costume parade and our class party. i had so many moms who came to help or donated things for the party. i work at a great school! most of all, i am lucky to have such an amazing team! i love working with these girls! we have so much fun at work!

our school has the students dress up as a book character. the first grade team all dressed up as fancy nancy. i was fancy nancy bonjour butterfly. butterfly wings, glitter, butterfly clips, ribbon, a crown, a wand, fake lashes, 2 feather boas, princess party jewelry... i had the works! my little first graders absolutely loved our fun day, but i am bit exhausted!

the funniest part of the day was when Katie (on the far left) went to pick up our cafe rio take-out order in all of her get-up. she got some strange looks, chuckles, and yes, even some out loud, unrestrained, and very obvious laughter. what a friend she is to go get lunch for us in all her "fancy" clothes. katie we owe you!!


i'm going to get me some grey's

season 5 is out on dvd tomorrow.

oh, what about season 6 you ask?
september 24th from 7 to 9 mtn time i will be tuning in...


oh, cupcake

while in palo alto shopping, we stopped for one of these.

it was delicious. it made my heart (and tummy) happy.

i adore sprinkles' vanilla cupcakes.

now playing

while in the bay area visiting g&g, grandma and i went to see this.

i loved it. so did grandma. it was refreshing.

yesterday caroline and i saw this.

meryl streep was fantastic.

lake powell

we went to lake powell for 5 days in june. my family plus aunt mary, madeleine, annabelle, and lucy had a great time at the lake.

we survived the intense heat and didn't rack up as many generator hours as you would think... yeah, we're tough.

i learned how to slalom waterski... i was pretty impressed with myself. (i won't mention the fat ski or the cheater rope. and no that is not me in the picture. its christian. someday if i practice really hard maybe i could attempt to make cuts like that.)

we hiked some slot canyons. went on many ice runs to hall's crossing, swam, read books, played games, and listened to some good tunes.


little lovelies

meet my latest obsession:

letterpressed stationery

yes, it is classy.

i now own this.

courtesy of the paper source, i now own four varieties of fantastic stationery... (letterpressed & printed). grandma shirlee was so kind as to take me on an outing to this most fantastic of stores.

get some of your own here
also check this out


gone boatin

so here's the thing... we own a boat. our lovely boat often decides to break. whether it is the actual boat itself or the trailer we seem to have quite unfortunate incidents with this lovely boat. like the time we were on our way to lake powell and the trailer decides to start smoking or the time we put the boat in the water only to find that water was spurting in places where water should not spurt or the time that the boys took it out for a joy ride and it got between about 3 or 4 rpms and then croaked.

anyway, you get the point.

boat + trailer =bad luck

we haven't had a fabulous summer of boating fun for about 2 years. after this last round of repairs (which included replacing just about everything in the boat, returning it to the repair place 3 times... yes 3, and sinking a couple thousand dollars into the lovely boat) we finally have a working boat. friday we took the boat out for some fun.

i wakeboarded.
i haven't wakeboarded in 2 years.
i forgot how to wakeboard.
christian and caroline helped to remind me how.
i got up a few times.
i remembered that wakeboarding is fun.
i fell down really really hard on my rear.
i caught an edge and landed on my head.
i landed really hard, but i didn't cry because i was being hardcore.
i decided that i had had enough wakeboarding for the day.
i have very sore arms, shoulders, and quads.
i think i will wakeboard again this summer.
maybe i can become a good wakeboarder.

this evening we are heading to the lake for a couple days.
christian left an hour or two before us with some buddies and the boat.
christian called my dad about 30 minutes after his departure to report that the trailer was indeed smoking.
dad and mom went to get the boat, bring it back, and then mom and i will leave for the lake.
dad has again threatened to sell the boat.
oh, did i mention that we have had the trailer completely redone quite a few times... it shouldn't be breaking.


go see this

last night caroline and i saw this:

we ate popcorn, sipped diet coke, and laughed...a lot!
i give it two thumbs up!

what are you waiting for?
go see it!