teddy bear picnic

on friday the firsties enjoyed a teddy bear picnic complete with hot chocolate and doughnuts. as part of the fun day, we wore pjs (yes beauty of all beauties i got to wear pjs to work) and brought our teddy bears.

you will notice katie, amy, amber and i are wearing matching jammies. katie and i were on a little shopping excursion in early december and saw all the jams lined up at old navy. we decided we needed matching pajamas but we weren't sure when we would ever see each other in pjs. we had a moment of sheer brilliance when we realized that teddy bear picnic day was coming up and matching pjs were definitely something we needed. naturally we picked some up for amy too!

i have the best team ever! they make work so much fun!

eagle scout

david was presented with his eagle scout award on wednesday night. the sibs and i, along with zach and brianna, drove up to support him. we ate some yummy jav's after. congrats david!

(sidenote: please disregard my gross hair)