fancy nancy

Katie, Amber, Amy, Me, Katie (aka fancy nancies)

today we had our halloween festivities at school. we had a costume parade and our class party. i had so many moms who came to help or donated things for the party. i work at a great school! most of all, i am lucky to have such an amazing team! i love working with these girls! we have so much fun at work!

our school has the students dress up as a book character. the first grade team all dressed up as fancy nancy. i was fancy nancy bonjour butterfly. butterfly wings, glitter, butterfly clips, ribbon, a crown, a wand, fake lashes, 2 feather boas, princess party jewelry... i had the works! my little first graders absolutely loved our fun day, but i am bit exhausted!

the funniest part of the day was when Katie (on the far left) went to pick up our cafe rio take-out order in all of her get-up. she got some strange looks, chuckles, and yes, even some out loud, unrestrained, and very obvious laughter. what a friend she is to go get lunch for us in all her "fancy" clothes. katie we owe you!!


i'm going to get me some grey's

season 5 is out on dvd tomorrow.

oh, what about season 6 you ask?
september 24th from 7 to 9 mtn time i will be tuning in...


oh, cupcake

while in palo alto shopping, we stopped for one of these.

it was delicious. it made my heart (and tummy) happy.

i adore sprinkles' vanilla cupcakes.

now playing

while in the bay area visiting g&g, grandma and i went to see this.

i loved it. so did grandma. it was refreshing.

yesterday caroline and i saw this.

meryl streep was fantastic.

lake powell

we went to lake powell for 5 days in june. my family plus aunt mary, madeleine, annabelle, and lucy had a great time at the lake.

we survived the intense heat and didn't rack up as many generator hours as you would think... yeah, we're tough.

i learned how to slalom waterski... i was pretty impressed with myself. (i won't mention the fat ski or the cheater rope. and no that is not me in the picture. its christian. someday if i practice really hard maybe i could attempt to make cuts like that.)

we hiked some slot canyons. went on many ice runs to hall's crossing, swam, read books, played games, and listened to some good tunes.


little lovelies

meet my latest obsession:

letterpressed stationery

yes, it is classy.

i now own this.

courtesy of the paper source, i now own four varieties of fantastic stationery... (letterpressed & printed). grandma shirlee was so kind as to take me on an outing to this most fantastic of stores.

get some of your own here
also check this out


gone boatin

so here's the thing... we own a boat. our lovely boat often decides to break. whether it is the actual boat itself or the trailer we seem to have quite unfortunate incidents with this lovely boat. like the time we were on our way to lake powell and the trailer decides to start smoking or the time we put the boat in the water only to find that water was spurting in places where water should not spurt or the time that the boys took it out for a joy ride and it got between about 3 or 4 rpms and then croaked.

anyway, you get the point.

boat + trailer =bad luck

we haven't had a fabulous summer of boating fun for about 2 years. after this last round of repairs (which included replacing just about everything in the boat, returning it to the repair place 3 times... yes 3, and sinking a couple thousand dollars into the lovely boat) we finally have a working boat. friday we took the boat out for some fun.

i wakeboarded.
i haven't wakeboarded in 2 years.
i forgot how to wakeboard.
christian and caroline helped to remind me how.
i got up a few times.
i remembered that wakeboarding is fun.
i fell down really really hard on my rear.
i caught an edge and landed on my head.
i landed really hard, but i didn't cry because i was being hardcore.
i decided that i had had enough wakeboarding for the day.
i have very sore arms, shoulders, and quads.
i think i will wakeboard again this summer.
maybe i can become a good wakeboarder.

this evening we are heading to the lake for a couple days.
christian left an hour or two before us with some buddies and the boat.
christian called my dad about 30 minutes after his departure to report that the trailer was indeed smoking.
dad and mom went to get the boat, bring it back, and then mom and i will leave for the lake.
dad has again threatened to sell the boat.
oh, did i mention that we have had the trailer completely redone quite a few times... it shouldn't be breaking.


go see this

last night caroline and i saw this:

we ate popcorn, sipped diet coke, and laughed...a lot!
i give it two thumbs up!

what are you waiting for?
go see it!

glitter toes

i have a new obsession.

last month they were red and glitzy like ruby dorthy slippers

this month they are golden and sparkly

the best part:
they don't chip!

(pardon the really classy photography)


you had a birthday shout hooray!

we want to sing to you today!
one year older and wiser too!
happy birthday, to you!

yesterday my family and I celebrated 2 happy days!
i was born on my daddy's 25th birthday!

we went to rickenbacker's for dinner and then came back to our house for cake and ice cream.

caroline baked the white cake and i baked the chocolate cake (both from scratch, of course) and the decorating job was caroline's fine handiwork! yummy!

24 + 49 = 73 candles to light

make a wish!

we put 49 trick candles on my daddy's cake!

and if you must know, yes i had birthday cake for breakfast!


an outing

last tuesday, while in salt lake on one of our escapades i talked candace into trying out so cupcake with me. here's the thing: every since i moved back from newport, i have been searching for a sprinkles cupcakes replacement. alas, i think i have failed again in my pursuit. the deliciousness of a sprinkles cupcake cannot be rivaled.

anyway, back to so cupcake. we tried the vanilla while at the shop and (which is very chic and darling, I might add.) it was a decent cupcake, but we weren't wowed. I took a 1/2 dozen other flavors home to share with the family. (a.k.a critique as only true cupcake connoisseurs can with my mom and caroline)

we came to the consensus that the best flavor of the six we tried was the carrot. it was moist and delicious... i would go back for another if i was in the neighborhood. i am disappointed that i was not able to try a chocolate or a red velvet... they didn't have any left by the time we arrived. maybe next time.

so to you lucky residents of newport beach, beverly hills, palo alto, scottsdale, dallas, and houston... eat a vanilla cupcake for me at sprinkles. you will enjoy it. i know you will.


No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks...

tomorrow is the last day of school!

last night was for report card comments and tonight is for stuffing portfolios!

meet my spunky, funny, blatantly honest, crazy, sweet, sometimes naughty, but mostly darling kindergarten friends!

(3 friends are missing...although 22 isn't bad 19 would be amazing)

hooray for sunshine, no 55 minute commute, no grading papers, and no planning!

i know 1st grade will be here before i know it, and i can hardly wait!

i am ever so excited to join the katie and amy duo!

not to mention that the other girls that we hired are the cutest!

pretty much we will be the best team ever!


save the last dance for me

caroline and david went to accolade last night. mom and i spent the afternoon making 5 bouquets and 3 boutonnieres for caroline and david's friends. we forgot to take pictures of our handiwork, but just trust me when I say they were fabulous!

caroline, in typical girl fashion, was running behind and was a bit stressed, but not to worry... mom and I were were very helpful!

caroline and david just before caroline left to go pick up her date. (the dance was girls choice.)
the siblings
christian spent the weekend at lake mead and was not here for the sibling photo op!
yeah, don't feel sad for him.

hannah and david

it was david's first dance and I think he looked rather spiffed up in his tux.
note hannah's flowers... we made them.
(calla lilies, ranunculus, freesia, wax flower, and some lily grass)



next year I will be here:
teaching first grade with:
katie and amy,

i can hardly wait for next year! it will be the best ever! i am so excited! think of the fun we will have!


p.s. i know everyone is beyond thrilled that they will not have to hear me stress/whine/complain over job postings anymore!


the new 'do

i got my hair cut this morning... on a whim i decided to opt for bangs.

i have been considering the aforementioned bangs the past couple of hours. caroline just pointed out to me that since i have short bangs, the signature rebecca "boof" is a thing of the past. dang! looks like i will have to actually do my hair!

that's okay i suppose because i have decided that i rather like them!
happy weekend!


for your enjoyment

on tuesday during p.e. time we couldn't use the gym, so i told my kinders that it was their lucky ducky day because we were going to have p.e. on the playground. (yes, i was being a lazy teacher and didn't want to plan an organized outdoor activity.) after i assured them that they could play in the sandbox, james raised his hand.

"yes, james."
"you are a genius teacher."


kindergarten writing is quite entertaining. it takes great skill to decipher their writing... for you amateurs I will translate.

from london, who doesn't quite pronounce her "r's":

translation: i love you wile (really) much. your (you're) ur (our) bs (best) techr (teacher) evr (ever)

and finally... this one takes the cake.

we are writing i like me books for our super literacy day. sophie provided us with this little gem.

apparently she likes her boos!

translation: i like my fingernails because they are hot pink nails and i like my bows.


mellow yellow

Here are the latest Spring purchases...

As my kindergarteners would tell you, yellow is my favorite color (favorite colors are important in kindergarten). I am quite satisfied with the sunshine-y, spring-y quality of my newest acquisitions.  Let's hope it decides to be spring in Utah at some point. I was greeted by a fresh coat of powdery whiteness on my car when I left for work today.  C'mon, doesn't the saying go "April showers" not "April blizzards"?  (Blizzards clearly does not rhyme with flowers.) 

For now, I suppose I will just look dumb carrying around the yellow purse in the snow! 


Let's Talk About This

So if you know me, you know that I am a loyal and devoted MAC make-up user... however I am not one to rule out a great grocery store cosmetic find.  Here is my latest great find that I share with you my blogging friends: 

For a mere $7.50 (or something like that) it too can be yours. Yes 1/2 the price of good old MAC plush lash.  

Ta-Dah! Presenting...
Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara 

Try it, you'll like it! In a box with a fox, in house with a mouse, here or there... anywhere!


Job interview

So typically when people think of job interview attire they think suit, nylons, heels, clean hair... 

February 27 I had a job interview. This is what I was wearing:

*Note: I also had day old hair. It had been a shower cap morning.

The recruiting lady from the district was here at the school on a Professional Development Day (hence the tracksuit) I popped in to ask her a couple questions about my contract and found out that I would need a new screening interview because I was moving from a part time to a full time contract and I was hired after January.  

A few minutes later it was just arranged that I could have the job interview right then since she was already there.  I apologized for my lack of professional attire and she just kept telling me how happy she was that I had stopped in and how much the district would love to have me work for them next year.  So over the next 30 minutes I grabbed my file and started pulling letters of recommendation, my BYU transcript, and student teaching evaluations.  I was asked if I would rather do my interview another day so I could prepare, but I decided to just go for it.  After all if I couldn't pass a basic screening interview then I probably shouldn't be teaching!

 Thankfully it went really well and I am now in the district candidate pool for the 2009-2010 school year.  I am anxious to see where I end up teaching next year.  Principals do interviews in April! I will be sure not to wear a tracksuit and to wash my hair!  


Time flies when you are having fun...

As you all are well aware, I seem to have taken a vacation from the blogging world.  With moving from Newport Beach, starting kindergarten, teaching every day, and Christian coming home it has been a busy 2009 thus far! Here is an update... photos included! Enjoy!

February 6th Christian returned home from Hiroshima, Japan! It has been so much fun having him home and being all together as a family.  

Here he comes

Christian and Me
The Kunz Family (Note the matching shirts... if he was embarrassed it is his fault because he gave them to us!)

Next up... I got lasik!!! I LOVE being able to see! It is the best thing ever! Truly a miracle of modern medicine! It wasn't painful at all... I would do it again! Definitely worth it! At night I sometimes forget and I lie down and spring right back up to take out my contacts.  I am not used to going to bed without the blurriness!  For your viewing pleasure... here is a disgusting picture of me in my "bug glasses."  I had to wear these the first 24 hours after the procedure and then just sleep in them for 5 nights after.  Every morning I had to peel goo off my face from the tape.  Lovely! I had to put lots and lots of drops in my eyes for about a week and couldn't wear make up for 5 days.  It was a quick procedure with an easy recovery. Cheers to 20/20 vision! 

I have 21 darling, spunky and busy kindergarteners! It has been so fun to be back in the classroom! Last week was report cards and two nights of Parent Teacher Conferences.  It is always nice to have that out of the way.

We have been working really hard on our Writer's Workshop using "spacerman", word wall words, stretching words with our "sound slinkys" and punctuation.  Take a look at this courtesy of my little London J.  How could I not love my job? 
Here's to being a better blogger this month!