fancy nancy

Katie, Amber, Amy, Me, Katie (aka fancy nancies)

today we had our halloween festivities at school. we had a costume parade and our class party. i had so many moms who came to help or donated things for the party. i work at a great school! most of all, i am lucky to have such an amazing team! i love working with these girls! we have so much fun at work!

our school has the students dress up as a book character. the first grade team all dressed up as fancy nancy. i was fancy nancy bonjour butterfly. butterfly wings, glitter, butterfly clips, ribbon, a crown, a wand, fake lashes, 2 feather boas, princess party jewelry... i had the works! my little first graders absolutely loved our fun day, but i am bit exhausted!

the funniest part of the day was when Katie (on the far left) went to pick up our cafe rio take-out order in all of her get-up. she got some strange looks, chuckles, and yes, even some out loud, unrestrained, and very obvious laughter. what a friend she is to go get lunch for us in all her "fancy" clothes. katie we owe you!!