lake powell

we went to lake powell for 5 days in june. my family plus aunt mary, madeleine, annabelle, and lucy had a great time at the lake.

we survived the intense heat and didn't rack up as many generator hours as you would think... yeah, we're tough.

i learned how to slalom waterski... i was pretty impressed with myself. (i won't mention the fat ski or the cheater rope. and no that is not me in the picture. its christian. someday if i practice really hard maybe i could attempt to make cuts like that.)

we hiked some slot canyons. went on many ice runs to hall's crossing, swam, read books, played games, and listened to some good tunes.


The Strongs said...

I'm impressed that you were learning to water ski. I think I'm too much of a girl. Ha, ha. As if I can compete with you on the girliness factor!

GQ said...

Wow, this place looks beautiful and really peaceful. Perfect get away.