What is up with the weather?!!!?

So upon waking this morning it is raining. I drive to work in pouring rain. My first grade friends get sent in from recess early because it's hailing. Lunch recess is on, then cancelled due to rain, and then on again. (insert sigh of relief here) This afternoon as we are walking into an assembly it is SNOWING! I just wish it could be sunny and 75 degrees always and forever! Channel 5 news reported that Snowbasin got 12'' of snow today! I guess that is spring for ya. Never fear because I am headed to southern California Saturday morning! Yea for SUNSHINE!

So the weather makes my first graders get a little out of sync. Today was a hard day because the majority of my friends decided that listening was optional!!

After months, GREY'S ANATOMY is coming back to us! McDreamy and McSteamy have returned! This has been a long awaited moment... So this evening at 8:00 p.m. I will be tuning in to ABC! Let's hope the episode doesn't disappoint!

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Sarah Hawkins said...

Crazy weather! I am also excited about Greys!