may musings

Let's start with California...the apartment hunt was successful! We saw 5 different apartments: 3 in Irvine and 2 in Newport Beach. During our apartment hunt we concluded that The Irvine Company owned the majority of Orange County...seriously! So this company owned every complex we looked at and about 75 more and a couple of shopping centers! We are looking to end up in Newport at one of the two places we saw. We think we found a good deal on rent...if "good deals" even exist in that region of the country. Don't worry I will probably take a big gulp as I write out my first rent check. But nonetheless I am excited about my new adventure!

My other obsession during the California weekend was Sprinkles Cupcakes... they were FANTASTIC! I love them! We went back twice and I purchased more than I should have. Somehow I found myself justifying the $3.75 per cupcake price tag. Let's just say cupcakes will be for special occasions so I don't end up looking like a cupcake!

I stopped by Costco on my way home to purchase a couple DVD's...27 Dresses and P.S. I Love You...both fabulous. Needless to say, these two DVD's have kept me company this evening while folding laundry and creating a first grade unit on the ocean.

I only have 1 more month left in the school year. Our last day of 1st grade is June 6th. It will be bittersweet leaving. I have 27 children who have become such a part of my life. It will be strange not teaching...I feel as if 1st grade teacher has become a part of my identity. My fellow teachers you will understand this.

I am now living in my grandparents' condo in Salt Lake until the end of the school year. It was definitely time to bid farewell to Provo! I am enjoying my space at the condo... it has been quite nice! Beautiful things like: it is only my food in the refrigerator, having a washer and dryer, a walk in closet, drinking juice directly out of the carton....


Joy said...

I love it! I want to come see your classroom before you leave. I know the feeling about leaving your class. It is going to be sad. Hope to see you soon.

Kate said...

Remember how you spent like $80 on cupcakes...good times. At least that will seem cheap compared to our $1000 rent... :(