turkey, stuffing, and pie... oh my!

This year for Thanksgiving we had dinner at my Aunt Mary and Uncle Gordy's home. They have 5 kids... Charlotte, their youngest, provided us with some good entertainment! She couldn't remember my daddy's name so she would say, "Uncle (long pause) Uncle." So yes my daddy was dubbed "Uncle Uncle" by Charlotte.  Grandma and Grandpa Kunz were there too. 

I just love the holidays! 
01. everything is so cozy
02. being with family
03. the spirit the holidays bring
04. delicious holiday food
05. decorations

Good food and good times! Until next year...

Mom and Lucy

Mom and Daddy

Charlotte and her Thanksgiving pie goodness

Lucy, Caroline, and Annabelle

Me and Charlotte



The Strongs said...

How fun! I love the holidays. It's so much more fun when you are around kids, though. So what's up? Are you in teaching mode, now? We need to get together. Maybe we can do dinner one night since the weekends are so crazy. I want to hear all about how you ended up back in Utah!

My Storybook Lady said...

Hi Rebecca,
I just stumbled upon your blog by accident, but had to ask if that is your house??? It is beautiful!!!
I live in GA and we've had 75 degree weather this week. I would love to see some snow...
Stay warm,

amy and josh said...

Totally fun! I am a little jealous that you are teaching Kindergarten, I loved it and miss it all the time, but first grade is good too! I miss you and your awesome teaching ideas...and all your cute shoes! Have a Merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...

Hi Betty!

Thanks for stopping by. It is actually our family cabin up in the mountains, it is right next to a ski resort... we love it! Enjoy your 75 degree weather... it just keeps snowing here!