Elder Kunzie...


(still up to his usual stunts)
This is a shout out to our very own missionary who...... will be home in 3 months!!! Can you believe it?? We are oh so excited!  The first week of February our Japanese Elder comes back to us!!!  I love you Christian!!! We know Japan will miss him, as he has been an incredible missionary bringing joy to the lives of others by sharing the gospel!  


Candace said...

So bizzare that he's home in just a few months. I totally remember him leaving and you recounting the lovely MTC experience to me with a box of tissues while we sat on the couch. Thank goodness some parts of life are in the past!

Hey, I have a loaner phone for the time being. I lost my phone, and it took a few days to get something. Anyway, I'll be in touch. Love ya!

amy and josh said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you! My Dad served his mission in Japan. Those people are awesome!