A Kunzie Family Christmas

It seems crazy that Christmas has already come and gone. Here is one of the quick highlights from yesterday (more to come later):

We got to call Christian-it was so good to hear his voice. He comes home in just six weeks!  For Christmas, our favorite missionary sent us matching shirts with his photo on them. Of course we all sported them yesterday.... 

(oh and the shirts came with some pretty sweet headbands) 

Merry Christmas everyone! 
Enjoy the rest of December until clean-outs, diets and strict work-out regimens commence!

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Candace said...

Oh Christian. Isn't he a funny one? You all look pretty ridiculous, but I'm sure anyway you can feel closer to him you are all game for it.

Yeah for the holiday season. Too bad you're hitting the road for the next week. :-( Boo.