Time flies when you are having fun...

As you all are well aware, I seem to have taken a vacation from the blogging world.  With moving from Newport Beach, starting kindergarten, teaching every day, and Christian coming home it has been a busy 2009 thus far! Here is an update... photos included! Enjoy!

February 6th Christian returned home from Hiroshima, Japan! It has been so much fun having him home and being all together as a family.  

Here he comes

Christian and Me
The Kunz Family (Note the matching shirts... if he was embarrassed it is his fault because he gave them to us!)

Next up... I got lasik!!! I LOVE being able to see! It is the best thing ever! Truly a miracle of modern medicine! It wasn't painful at all... I would do it again! Definitely worth it! At night I sometimes forget and I lie down and spring right back up to take out my contacts.  I am not used to going to bed without the blurriness!  For your viewing pleasure... here is a disgusting picture of me in my "bug glasses."  I had to wear these the first 24 hours after the procedure and then just sleep in them for 5 nights after.  Every morning I had to peel goo off my face from the tape.  Lovely! I had to put lots and lots of drops in my eyes for about a week and couldn't wear make up for 5 days.  It was a quick procedure with an easy recovery. Cheers to 20/20 vision! 

I have 21 darling, spunky and busy kindergarteners! It has been so fun to be back in the classroom! Last week was report cards and two nights of Parent Teacher Conferences.  It is always nice to have that out of the way.

We have been working really hard on our Writer's Workshop using "spacerman", word wall words, stretching words with our "sound slinkys" and punctuation.  Take a look at this courtesy of my little London J.  How could I not love my job? 
Here's to being a better blogger this month!


Heather and Ben said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back! Looks like you've been busy. It must be great to have Christian home. And LASIK...that's awesome! Good luck with teaching. Kindergarten is the best!

The Strongs said...

Your bug glasses are classic. Very stylish. :-)