Let's Talk About This

So if you know me, you know that I am a loyal and devoted MAC make-up user... however I am not one to rule out a great grocery store cosmetic find.  Here is my latest great find that I share with you my blogging friends: 

For a mere $7.50 (or something like that) it too can be yours. Yes 1/2 the price of good old MAC plush lash.  

Ta-Dah! Presenting...
Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara 

Try it, you'll like it! In a box with a fox, in house with a mouse, here or there... anywhere!


Mike and Sarah said...

I LOVE mascara (it's my favorite make-up). Thank you for the great tip!

The Strongs said...

I am so glad you showed me this mascara. I absolutely LOVE it! I tried using my old mascara after (because I had left this one in my car) and it was a complete disappointment after the fabulousness of this one. Thanks again!

amylynne said...

Hey Rebecca! I was just stopping by to see how your life is going--and I get not only that, but a great tip on a fabulous mascara! Hooray!

runningmom said...

All right, so I went out and bought it too... Thanks for the great tip!

So are you getting a cut of the profits?!?