for your enjoyment

on tuesday during p.e. time we couldn't use the gym, so i told my kinders that it was their lucky ducky day because we were going to have p.e. on the playground. (yes, i was being a lazy teacher and didn't want to plan an organized outdoor activity.) after i assured them that they could play in the sandbox, james raised his hand.

"yes, james."
"you are a genius teacher."


kindergarten writing is quite entertaining. it takes great skill to decipher their writing... for you amateurs I will translate.

from london, who doesn't quite pronounce her "r's":

translation: i love you wile (really) much. your (you're) ur (our) bs (best) techr (teacher) evr (ever)

and finally... this one takes the cake.

we are writing i like me books for our super literacy day. sophie provided us with this little gem.

apparently she likes her boos!

translation: i like my fingernails because they are hot pink nails and i like my bows.


amy and josh said...

I totally love it! Thanks for sharing! I love teaching those kids can always make your day!

Mike and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! That is adorable -- I love those notes!! You must be an amazing teacher!!

The Strongs said...

So cute! It takes me right back to the beginning of the year ... ugh! Starting over is always so overwhelming, but full of possibilities!

Caroline said...

Boos! Ha ha! Still find this hilarious. P.s. feet are awkward too