the new 'do

i got my hair cut this morning... on a whim i decided to opt for bangs.

i have been considering the aforementioned bangs the past couple of hours. caroline just pointed out to me that since i have short bangs, the signature rebecca "boof" is a thing of the past. dang! looks like i will have to actually do my hair!

that's okay i suppose because i have decided that i rather like them!
happy weekend!


amy and josh said...

Your hair looks really cute! I love it and I am still holding out for you to join the team again:)

Candace said...

Cute! Good call on the bangs. It's always good to switch things up and refresh your look. :)

Rebecca said...

Amy I hope there is a spot for me!! I am keeping my fingers crossed! :) Katie is keeping me informed on all the gossip! :)

The Strongs said...

I love the new look! So cute! And I love your silly faces, too. :-)
P.S. I'll continue to update you on the gossip as soon as I hear it!