an outing

last tuesday, while in salt lake on one of our escapades i talked candace into trying out so cupcake with me. here's the thing: every since i moved back from newport, i have been searching for a sprinkles cupcakes replacement. alas, i think i have failed again in my pursuit. the deliciousness of a sprinkles cupcake cannot be rivaled.

anyway, back to so cupcake. we tried the vanilla while at the shop and (which is very chic and darling, I might add.) it was a decent cupcake, but we weren't wowed. I took a 1/2 dozen other flavors home to share with the family. (a.k.a critique as only true cupcake connoisseurs can with my mom and caroline)

we came to the consensus that the best flavor of the six we tried was the carrot. it was moist and delicious... i would go back for another if i was in the neighborhood. i am disappointed that i was not able to try a chocolate or a red velvet... they didn't have any left by the time we arrived. maybe next time.

so to you lucky residents of newport beach, beverly hills, palo alto, scottsdale, dallas, and houston... eat a vanilla cupcake for me at sprinkles. you will enjoy it. i know you will.


Greg and London said...

What pretty colors! I wouldn't want to eat them!!

The Strongs said...

At least they do a good job of making them look pretty even if they don't live up to your cultivated tastes!