the lady on the elevator and idol

So if you know me, you know I often say hello and strike up conversation with random people: the lady at the checkout stand, the random child at the store, the department store salesperson. Today was no different. I hopped onto the elevator at the condo with a lady who was putting off some interesting vibes. Perhaps against my better judgment I decided to say something. "Hi, how's it going?" I greeted her. She muttered some reply and I said, "thank goodness it is almost the weekend." To that she says, "I don't spend my life wishing, but I do wish my ex-husband husband would get hit by a car- carrying mack truck." Sufficiently awkward. Luckily she got off on the second floor.

So in this moment I am watching American Idol and Fantasia is performing.... I pose this question: "how did she win?" I mean was everyone else tone deaf??

And a side note...of course I want Utah's own David Archuleta! He's darling!

Random story...I was in Relief Society on and during the good news minute a 50 something lady in my ward shares her good news: " I went to the Gateway to see David Archuleta...I just love him!" I laughed pretty hard. Then my mom pipes up and says, "I was at Gateway the day he was there too. The lady at Chico's asked me if I had seen David Archuleta and I kind of just said no and didn't tell her that I didn't know who that was." I had to enlighten my mother...me and I have seen a whole 1 1/2 episodes this season...

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The Lishes' said...

I think the highlight of Idol last night was the camera shots at Simon during Fantasia's performance. His look was priceless! What a terrible performance--yuck.