the weekend

This weekend I helped my mom do food for 100 at a Young Women luncheon, worked in the yard, attended Caroline's singing concert, and had a chance to catch up with friends.

In high school and college I tended for the Talbot family. I would help out so Diana could run errands and tend when Diana and Bryon went out of town. They are like a second family to me. I was able to visit them this evening...it was so good to catch up. Little Lexi, who is 8, is an absolute crack up. She decided that she is going to go on a plane all by herself and come to see me so we can go to Disneyland together. "Mom just put me on the airplane and I'll go see merbecca. I'll just need some money so I can buy drinks on the plane." (We told her that drinks are free, because we didn't think she would be drinking any alcohol.) I told her she would have to be very brave to come all by herself and she said, "I am brave and very responsible."

I also just saw an interesting tidbit on the news: apparently KSL did an investigation on hand sanitizers and found out that some are not effective in killing germs. Yikes! That is what we use in first grade all the time! I call them "squirts". I always have about 5 friends who ask if they can give "squirts" for snack. It airs tomorrow on the 10:00 news...I will most certainly be watching! I know first grade is germ central! Yuck!

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