Internet explorer has encountered an error and must shut down...

Now I pose the question: what exactly does the "send error report now" button accomplish? Perhaps its for statistical purposes. Why are the PC companies interested in keeping track of how many of their computers are internally combusting? Don't ask me I haven't the foggiest. An even better idean, perhaps they put the button there, so in our absolute frustration we feel as if something is being done...even if we are clicking a useless button.

What I do know is that I am forever and always a Mac girl.

I have had a PC for work since Sunday night and I can't even remember how many error messages I have received! Frustrating! I have already reached the point of wanting to toss it over my balcony.

No, I am not being paid by apple for this testimonial.

P.S. I love the mac & P.C. ad campaign.
"Hi I'm a mac."
"And I'm a PC and I don't work properly!"

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