Trading Spaces is not as easy as it looks!

After 4 trips to Home Depot (3 by me and 1 by my dad) and a week of hard work... my chairs are finally finished! Thankfully Caroline took pity on me and decided that she would help. This was quite the project! Stripping, sanding, and painting 6 chairs was much more work than I anticipated! In fact, several times during the ordeal I asked myself why I wanted to strip, sand, and repaint the kitchen chairs. On the bright side, I now feel as if the paint aisles at Home Depot are my domain and I was able to learn quite a lot. Now will I ever use my new found knowledge on a new project? Ask me in a few months because currently the answer is no.

So you too can admire my handiwork...

Stripping the chairs:

I like the contrast of the table and chairs:

So this will be the cozy little table at the Katie and Rebecca residence! Come and visit and then you can eat dinner at our little table!


The Lishes' said...

Yeah! I've been patiently waiting for this post. The chairs are adorable, and what else can you expect other than a huge drawn out ordeal. The project involved paint, Home Depot and a due date. Love you!

Mike & Sarah said...

Wow, wow, wow! Becca, you're so talented! I'm so impressed it looks beautiful! (This is Sarah (Porter) Tulane -- I found your blog from Cassie's)