Operation Decoration

I have been struggling with the idea of what to put on the big empty wall above the couch: a mirror, several mirrors, framed art.... One of my new friends is an interior designer and she gave me the fabulous idea to hang a bunch of clocks on the wall. I spent this week purchasing clocks from Target and Ikea. I found some really fun and unique clocks...seven to be exact. Here is the finished product! I love it! Now for the wall above the fire place...

Big news on the decoration front... the Pottery Barn chair arrived last week. It adds some color and pizazz to the front room. I am again a satisfied Pottery Barn customer. I LOVE the new chair!

One last shot to admire the chair and the clocks simultaneously! :)

Kate thanks for helping my hang the clocks and supporting the clock idea when I am sure you had thought I had completely lost it!

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The Lishes' said...

Cheers to the cutest apartment in Orange County! I love the last red clock that you found. You did it again. Another great addition to the front room. Love you.