Photos from Kate's Camera

So Kate will be the first to tell you that my great scheming decorating ideas always involve some element of work... here are a couple instances we captured on camera.

I picked up my desk from the store rather than having it delivered (I borrowed Rachelle's car, as mine is not the slightest bit helpful when it comes to hauling big loads). After getting it here, we had to get it up the stairs. One of our neighbors helped us get it out of the car and to the stairs (well it was not really "us", more like the neighbor and Kate), but not wanting to inconvenience him any more, I assured him that we could get it up the stairs. I got rid of our help too soon. For the next few minutes Kate and I tried to lug the box up the stairs. I am sure we were pure entertainment to anyone who was watching out the window. Not to mention midway up the stairs I had to stop for a bathroom break because I had been laughing too hard. Kate says I must mention that she was left on the stairs with the very heavy box while I took my little break. We finally got the box up the stairs and so everyone could see how large it really was, we documented it:

Let's just say that Kate probably wanted to kill me, but instead we ended up laughing and I was told that all other furniture purchases must be delivered.

If you know me, you know I love vases and bowls and vase fillers (random balls, rocks, moss, ornaments etc.). I purchased a couple fun vases and decided that since we lived by the beach I needed to fill them with sand and shells. One evening as Kate and I were lounging around in our sweats, I decided that we needed sand for our vases in a desperate way. We drove over to Newport Beach, parked the car, and walked the few blocks to the beach so I could fill my giant ziplock baggie with sand. Kate took a photo:

Don't worry, I got lots of strange looks as we walked back to the car with the giant baggie of sand. Extra bonus, as we were getting back into my car there was a man across the street in his boat (with a beverage in hand) calling out to us, "hey we've got room for two more." We smiled and quickly got in the car. As we drove away we got another nod from our boating friend. Oh, did I mention that he was quite possibly 40? Good times!

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Jennifer Nanci Lee said...

rebecca you make me laugh! i love the apartment and the clocks on the wall... are they all set to the same time.. cause that would drive me nuts if they weren't. got your message... and i'll call you later today after church! getting a calling today! ah! love you