next year I will be here:
teaching first grade with:
katie and amy,

i can hardly wait for next year! it will be the best ever! i am so excited! think of the fun we will have!


p.s. i know everyone is beyond thrilled that they will not have to hear me stress/whine/complain over job postings anymore!


runningmom said...


Okay, so my girls still have couple years till they can have you but there is hope again!!!

The Strongs said...

Yeah! I'm getting so excited to plan. Amy and I are testing this morning and we're e-mailing back and forth talking about how we're excited to plan for next year. Can't wait to celebrate with you this afternoon! Woo-Hoo!

Greg and London said...

Becca Jane, you are quite creative!

Heather and Ben said...

Congrats on the job! Sounds like so much fun!

amy and josh said...

I am super excited for you too (and me!) Oh and we will have to work on getting you a room...the one next to Adrienne's is going to be bare...:)

Rebecca said...

I would love that room! You and Katie will have to declare it mine since I won't be there to do so!! I am super duper excited!!!! :)