save the last dance for me

caroline and david went to accolade last night. mom and i spent the afternoon making 5 bouquets and 3 boutonnieres for caroline and david's friends. we forgot to take pictures of our handiwork, but just trust me when I say they were fabulous!

caroline, in typical girl fashion, was running behind and was a bit stressed, but not to worry... mom and I were were very helpful!

caroline and david just before caroline left to go pick up her date. (the dance was girls choice.)
the siblings
christian spent the weekend at lake mead and was not here for the sibling photo op!
yeah, don't feel sad for him.

hannah and david

it was david's first dance and I think he looked rather spiffed up in his tux.
note hannah's flowers... we made them.
(calla lilies, ranunculus, freesia, wax flower, and some lily grass)


amy and josh said...

Great job!

The Strongs said...

So cute! I wish I had some reason to get all dressed up fancy. I love that whole day of primping and curling and hairspray and make up and all that girl stuff. It's so fun!