I am so excited about the warm sunny weather.  My mom and I went shopping at Gateway today and Spring is definitely in the air.  I purchased a few clothing items for Tahiti!  Can someone please tell me why I like  J Crew so much?

My other new purchase: a 32 GB iPod touch.  David got one, so naturally I need one too...just kidding.  Actually my daddy said if I was going to make an iPod purchase I might as well go all the way and just get this one.  As soon as my laptop finishes updating its version of iTunes, I will be in business!  I am really excited about the new acquisition.  I do have an original...yes an original... mini that is lime green and adorable, but it was time to move out the iPod stone age and upgrade.

P.S. My back is improving every day! Tomorrow is my 4th and final physical therapist appointment.  Can I just say that I am a believer in physical therapists!  

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Jennifer Nanci Lee said...

wait... what happened to your back?!?!