"Don't step on a crack or you'll break your teacher's back!"

So this is not Rebecca.  At the moment Rebecca is on the floor unable to move because of severe back pain. The poor girl moves like an old women, her body's failing her at 22.  She can't even sit up to blog,(that's pretty serious, seeing how obsessed she's become with this) so she is telling me things which I ought to write.  So earlier Rebecca was lying on the floor and David, our dear sweet brother David comes and farts in her face, sadly Rebecca couldn't move away from the smell fast enough and was crying (no not from the stench) because of her back pain.  David now has a new nickname: "little poo".  
On to other news, Rebecca will be moving out of her apartment in Provo this week.  Wait let me clarify, Rebecca's family will be moving her out of her apartment in Provo this week.  However, we don't mind so much this time seeing as Rebecca isn't going to be much help to us anyway.
Well, those of you who read this should wish Rebecca well- as she still has three more days of school to endure until Easter break.

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