first grade funnies...

So today I had a little boy raising his hand for quite a while when we were sitting at the carpet.  I eventually called on him and he said, "I burped a minute ago and I just needed to say excuse me."  I thanked him for his good manners and tried not to laugh too hard!  

At the Meet the Masters Art assembly today, my friends were learning about a particular Mexican artist...Frieda Cahlo I believe...anyway in one of her self portraits she has a really intense eyebrow.  The parent volunteer in charge of the assembly put up the slide of this painting and asked what they noticed.  A first grader raised his hand and said, "She has a uni-brow."  Good times!

So enough blogging about first grade...new topic!  SPRING!  I can hardly wait..I hope warm weather is just around the bend! I enjoy the amazing spring weather and I look forward to being able to drive with my sunroof open with out having to blast the heat...  not to mention adding a few new spring pieces to the wardrobe. ;) 

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