The Over-packers Among Us

So tonight we leave for Tahiti!  I am so excited!  We are off to live a life of luxury on the Regent  Cruise Ship for a week!  (Yes, I will be laying by the pool and the beach and visiting the spa.) We fly into LA tonight and then fly all night to Tahiti.  We land there at about 5:00 AM.  Let's hope I can somehow sleep on the plane.  My friend Nyquil will be coming along!  

So I am a self -admitted compulsive over-packer; however, if necessary I can pack rather efficiently.  For Tahiti, I ditched the small suitcase because I figure I am taking the suitcase onto the ship and that is that.  We are not trucking it all over, staying in lots of hotels and cities like when we went to Europe or to China.  So yes I am taking 4 pairs of flips flops and 4 pairs of other shoes.  I am bringing 4 swimsuits and about 10 pairs of earrings.

I did make some cuts, like I will not be bring along my entire MAC make up collection...16 or so eye shadow colors may be a tad ridiculous to cart around...so perhaps I'll go with 4 or 5. And my shampoo is travel sized...look at me go!  I will post pictures when I return!  

Bon Voyage!


Jennifer Nanci Lee said...

yay i'm so excited to hear about your trip... we shall exchange travel logs when i get back from europe!!! i miss you already....

Jennifer Nanci Lee said...

where are the pictures?!?!? =)